Big Data Solutions Corporation (BigDataUni): majors in the field of Big Data and Data Analytics. The target customers include domestic and foreign companies. Once the partners use services of BigDataUni, they’ll have opportunities to: effeciently exploit existing data resources to measure customer behavior, control and diagnose churn risk, market segmentation, limited spam, and develop promotional strategies targeting the right customers and effective edge strategies.

There are four areas that Big Data Uni is going to focus on: Building Big Data system; Big data analytics and prediction; consulting business strategy based on data analytics; Training and technology transfer of Data mining models.

Big Data Uni’s main services:

Consulting and building Big data system: investigating and evaluating the current data system of the companies; providing solutions based on existing systems or upgrading systems, operating and maintaining data systems.

Data analytics: Data mining is based on the integration of algorithm models and available data sources the partner. In addition, quantitative models will be used to measure and analyze consumer behavior, forecast, and develop competitive strategies.

Consulting business stategy: developing marketing segmentation strategies; reducing spam and churn risk; increasing customer loyalty. Besides, from the detailed results of the analysis, partners are also advised on the development of business promotional strategies to increase customer relations, and ensure effective customer service.

Training and technology transfer: providing training courses about knowledge and skills of Big Data and how to formulate strategies based on the data analytics.


Big Data Solutions Corporation wishes to become one of the leading firms in the field of exploiting Big data for business strategy. The company will be the most prestigious partner by providing the most valuable and quality services based on our investment together with the serious development orientation towards effectively serving both domestic and foreign companies.


Big Data Solutions Corporation always provides the best data solutions to meet the needs; identify, and solve the difficulties and challenges encountered by any enterprises and supports them in developing successful business strategies.

Our best value services based on:

  • Highly skilled, experienced staff.
  • Motto at work: always be enthusiastic and dedicated in helping customers.
  • Desire to constantly develop and improve.
  • Transparency in business operations


Subject Matter Consultant

Marketing & Analytics

Dr Tu Van Binh got PhD. degree in Applied Economics, University of Antwerp, Belgium in 2009, and Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and Marketing, Wageningen University, the Netherlands in 1998. He is currently a professor at CFVG – European Excellence in Management Education, the director of Executive Education Program (EXED), and in charge of the program of Master in Marketing, Sales and Services (MMSS). Besides that, he is also a vice dean of  school of UEH graduate.

He worked for the Centre for ASEAN Studies, University of Antwerp in Belgium during 2008-2009 by research fellow and was involved in many projects, e.g. UNDP, GTZ under Germany, SIDA, World Bank for capacity building programs and for Vietnamese fishery market development. He has published papers in some academic journals. His research mostly focuses on microeconomics and market development strategy for Vietnamese enterprises, together with development policy recommended. Currently he has good experiences to develop mathematic models based on Big Data of sectors, such as telecommunication, banking, retailing, and airline, which contribute into improving competitive strategies and market development of business units.


Managing Director

He graduated the program of Master in Business and Marketing Management granted by Solvay Brussel School, Belgium and has been studying the Ph.D. student at UEH. He has a strong experience in sales and marketing with more 22 years, in which in charge in the sector of B2B  and B2C is 10 years and 22 years, respectively. At present, Mr. Thanh is the Sales Director of Nutreco Vietnam Co. and a member of management board and had some study on B2C and published. He is one of founders of Big Data Solution Corporation (Big Data Uni) and currently has made a positive contribution of strategy advice based on results of data analytics from Big Data.


Marketing Executive

Pham Minh Khanh holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business achieved with distinction, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH). During his university years, he has reached high achievements and gain accumulated knowledge of different subjects such as Marketing, Strategic management, Economics, Export and import, International payment, Analysis of financial statements,… Khanh had experience in participating in research activities and awarded prize B in the contest “The Young Economist” held by UEH with the project “Solutions to develop the clean pork market in Ho Chi Minh City”. His strong point is the ability to study, learn, find information, along with a passion for data analysis and working with the numbers to deliver strategies. Being a member of Big Data Uni, Khanh is in charge of building digital marketing campaigns to promote business strategies for the company. He is currently learning more about Big Data and Data analytics, and is one of the members contributing to the development ofBig Data Solutions Corporation.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mr. Nguyen Luong Ky is a engineer of informatics, he has 4 years of experience in software engineer position with projects almost based on Java technology. In 2014, Mr. Ky had a chance to join Big data project invited by the telco operator in Vietnam, and responsible for the position of Data engineer. With more than two years of data analytics based the source of teleo big data, he has grown up in the sector very well and made impressive records for the telecommunication operator located in Vietnam.


Data Science & Analytics

Vu Ngo is professional for data analytics. With over 7 years of working experience in software development, data preparation, data analytics and Business Intelligence reporting he has significant contributions and made high records. For the last 4 years, he has been specializing in telco Big Data use cases for Sales and Marketing to grow revenue (such as usage stimulation campaigns, products cross-sell/up-sell) and reduce churn. He has extensive experience with ETL processing requirements for handling the 3 Vs (Volume, Variety, Velocity) of the sectorTelco Big Data. He is currently leading a Data science team of 5 data mining analysts. He is dynamic and quickly adapt to works in group as well as independently.